Epiphany Sunday & "Star Gifts"

We are beginning to follow the Christian year in our cycles of worship at Liberty Baptist Church. Having recently celebrated Advent and Christmas, the distinct seasons of the Christian calendar remind us of certain truths and promises found in Scripture, showing us what it means to be a follower of Christ. Each season is denoted by a color, with Janet Fuller faithfully changing out the colors on the pulpit and communion table each season.

Epiphany is celebrated each year on January 6th as the 12th day of Christmas. In its purest form, Epiphany is a celebration of the Light, for it celebrates the Light the wise men followed and the Light that has entered into the world through Jesus Christ. We’ll begin a sermon series looking at “Jesus: A Light for All” in which we will examine how the Christ child entered into our dark world and offered salvation for each and every one of us.

During the sermon this Sunday, we’ll look at the story of the wise men, found in Matthew 2:1-12. These men, placing their hope in finding a new king by following a star, offered their gifts to Jesus after receiving God’s gift to the world. In this new year, we too, are also seeking Jesus. We have received God’s gift to the world in the form of his only son. 


As we remember the arrival of the wise men and their offerings, we have the opportunity this Sunday to receive “star gifts” during worship. Each star has a word written on it. This word is for you as you begin a new year. The star is randomly given to you - there is no picking the word you want.

The word may immediately make sense to you or may be confusing. Either way, allow the word to speak to you and your current life situation. As an example, the word I received at the beginning of 2018 was “wisdom”. I wasn’t initially sure what it meant to me, but as the year moved on, I came to see how I needed wisdom to respond to God’s calling on my life, ultimately leading me here to serve as your pastor. 

In churches that have begun this tradition, this day has become the most popular Sunday of the year. I would encourage you to come this Sunday, receive the gift of the star, and then maybe put it in a place where you’ll see it often, such as your Bible, mirror, or refrigerator. Think on it, reflect on it, pray on it, and see if God uses your star word in your life.

We’ll also celebrate communion together as a church family. Invite and friend and we’ll see you Sunday morning at 11:00am!

Nathan White